I found Bill Roberts via the internet and used him to provide a high-quality aerial photograph of my brother's new home.  Since I live in Michigan, I conducted all business via either telephone or email. Even so, Bill was easy to work with.  He understood my requirements and kept me well informed at all times.  His work, service and product value exceeded all my expectations. I highly recommend him.

B. Brandon , MI

UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Photography / Videography

Rates start at $250.00 for a 3-4 minute video and include a minimum of 6 high-resolution (10 to 15 megapixel) digital images delivered on a CD.   Options include graphics, music background, addition of existing interior stills and voiceover. Click image for sample.


Their work is incredible! They scheduled taping strategically to make sure that the lighting was perfect on each side of the home and they went above and beyond in the editing process. They understood my needs and were easy to work and communicate with. The results exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend them!

- Tyler T. / Realtor

Aerial Photography

Rates for Air-to-Air out of Phoenix Deer Valley Airport in Phoenix, Arizona (KDVT) are $125.00 plus aircraft cost of $170 per hour. This includes 1 hour flight time (as measured by engine tachometer) and a minimum of 10 ultra-high resolution (10 to 15 megapixel) digital images delivered on a CD or via the internet. Any time over 1 hour is an additional $12.50 per tenth hour for the photographer and $17.00 per tenth-hour for the aircraft. Included in the price are, at customer request, images taken of plane and pilot on the ramp. Options, or a different departure airport are subject to rate change.

Aerial Videography

Rates for Air-to-Air or Ground-to-Air are $500 per 8 hour day plus applicable travel and materials expenses (batteries, etc.).   Editing is $50 per hour. Voice over is available at $50 per hour.  Aircraft available as shooting platform at additional expense of $170 per hour.  Check out samples at: https://www.katmai-260se.com/katmai.html.

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