Brain State Technologies chose Bill Roberts to produce our introductory marketing DVD. It is in high demand and is a cornerstone marketing element for our company.  In the first five months we distributed nearly 4,000 of them.  They are not only less expensive than other marketing pieces, they present an image for our company that is much more informative and professional than a traditional brochure. Bill worked from a basic outline and was able to capture the vision and direction we wanted to go. He was responsive to the changes we made during the shoot and was able to smoothly transition the new shots through the editing process. Bill exhibited solid technical ability, and I recommend him for consideration of all your video production needs.

Lee Gerdes, CEO
Brain State Technologies


Thank you for the excellent video products you've created for us. We wanted to use a format that communicated both visually and with audio – something we thought could convey Anywhere Map concepts more effectively. And, we needed a format that could be updated quickly and in pieces without complete republishing of a printed manual. Your videos hit the mark! They are nicely done, with good clarity and sound. Also, we can distribute them on CD, on our website, and even at our trade shows, very inexpensively. Your videos have reduced our tech support calls by at least 15%. Where customers used to call for instructions on how to make a flight plan, they now call with valid technical questions and your videos instruct them on the basics without our help. That’s critical! Thanks again for a great product!

Tom Reed
VP Operations
Anywhere Map


I turned to Bill Roberts to help me simplify written material, non-technical as well as technical, so that it is fully understandable to the reader. In addition, his skill-set completely prepares him for the preparation of all aspects of top quality DVDs. This applies to storyboard preparation, audio/video shoot, film editing, bringing out the best performance in the speaker, etc. He also has very good management and handling of detail skills. I have found him a pleasure to work with and highly recommend him.

William A. Tiller, Ph.D.
William A. Tiller Institute


The quality of his work is outstanding and I heartily recommend you consider making Bill Roberts a key part of your team if you aspire to rise far above the ordinary, and want to see your projects reach awesome and unanticipated heights.

Doris J Rapp, MD
Board Certified in Pediatrics, Allergy and Environmental Medicine
Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics (emeritus) in Pediatrics at SUNYAB
Dr. Doris Rapp